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How to sell your product on Amazon

Do I need a barcode to sell on Amazon?

Yes, all products sold on Amazon must have a UPC or EAN barcode number assignment.

What’s the exception to the rule of buying a barcode for Amazon?

If you are reselling a product that is already listed on Amazon you will not need buy a UPC or EAN barcode. So if the product you’re planning to sell is new to the Amazon marketplace, then you’ll need to provide the UPC or EAN barcode to assign the item to the manufacturer and track sales and inventory.

How do I prepare to sell a product with Amazon?

  1. Buy a barcode and attach the barcode to your product.
  2. Create an individual or merchant seller’s account with Amazon.
  3. Upload your inventory and add your product to the database.
  4. If you’re shipping to Amazon’s fulfillment center then you’ll need to add barcode labels to your packaging. Our label printing options can help you ensure your product follows specific compliance guidelines.

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