Buying Barcodes for USA, Canada & International Retailers

When you’re buying barcodes with us, you’ll receive a UPC which is commonly known as a Universal Product Code. A Universal Product Code as you can tell from the name, is used universally throughout the world. These UPC Barcodes are commonly used in the USA, Canada and all other countries that have proper scanning tools and equipment such as the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, China and more.  If you have questions about your specific country and buying barcodes from us, please contact us at support@qualityupc.com.

Can I pay with my PayPal Account

Our entire secure checkout system is through Paypal. If you’d like to pay directly with a PayPal account simply go through the checkout system and select the pay with PayPal button. It’s that easy.

Can I use these barcodes for Wholefoods

Yes. Wholefoods requires one UPC barcode per product. Simply get a UPC Barcode through us, receive your 12-digit UPC barcode number assignment instantly and apply it to your product. Thereafter provide your company information to Wholefoods along with your product details and sell as a vendor with Wholefoods regionally and/or internationally.

Can I use these UPC barcodes on Amazon

Yes. Amazon requires one UPC Barcode per product. Simply purchase a UPC Barcode through us, receive your 12-digit UPC Barcode number assignment instantly and enter your number into your Amazon Seller Central account along with your product details.

Can my graphic designer alter the size of the UPC Barcode you sent me to fit on my packaging design

When changing the size of any barcode we recommend following the below rules and regulations. The eps (vector file) is best to use in a design program like Adobe Illustrator.
When you open the EPS file in Adobe Illustrator you must Flatten the transparency by clicking Object>Flatten Transparencies BEFORE you re-size.
You must always keep the same height to width ratio when altering the original size.
You may crop the black and white lines off the top but the height should be no less than .5″ tall. The smallest barcode measurement size should be no less than approximately 1.25″ x .5″.
Always test scan after reshaping. If your company does not have proper scanning tools you can easily test scan at your local grocery store or on your iphone by downloading the redlaser application. Visit Redlaser for more information.

How do I receive my UPC barcode

With every order you’ll receive an instant download after purhcase which includes your UPC number assignment in three different formats (eps, tif, pdf), a Legal Certificate of Authenticity, and a copy of your invoice. All UPC number assignment format dimensions are provided in standard size approximately 1.5″ x 1″. We also send an email with an additional barcode download link.

How does my product become associated with the UPC Barcode

You purchase a 12-digit UPC Barcode number assignment through our Order Barcodes Page.
You apply your 12-digit UPC Barcode to your product with our custom printed labels and/or have your graphic design apply it to your product digitally.
Thereafter contact the retailer and provide them with your products details, the 12-digit UPC number, as well as company information.
The retailer registers your information into their sales & inventory management system, associating your product and company with the UPC barcode.
Your product is scanned at the register and your sales & inventory is easily tracked by your UPC barcode.

How many UPC codes do I need

The rule of thumb is you’ll need one barcode per item, as well as one barcode per variation (color, size, style). For example, if you’re selling a one-size fits all winter hat in four different colors to Target you will need 4 UPC Bar codes.

How to Buy a UPC Barcode

To buy a upc barcode simply visit our Order Barcodes Page, enter your barcode quantity, push add to cart, proceed to checkout, create an account with us if you’re a new customer and enter your contact and payment information. Once you submit your barcode order you will receive the following in an instant download.

A UPC barcode in industry standard digital formats eps, pdf, tif for optimal printing quality
A Certificate of Authenticity listing your companies new UPCs
An email with your barcode order information and additional links
A copy of your invoice & account setup

Now you are ready to sell in the retail marketplace worldwide.

How to Buy Printed Barcode Labels

To buy custom printed barcode labels from our professional barcode service experts visit our Order Labels Page.

Please note, you must have a preexisting UPC Barcode 12-digit number and/or have added a UPC Barcode to your cart via our Order Barcodes Page.

To order custom printed barcode labels first select your size from our six industry standard options, then select your pack quantity from the dropdown, add special instructions if necessary by clicking on the + sign, continue, add to cart, select our free shipping option, proceed to checkout, create an account with us if you’re a new customer and enter your contact, shipping and payment information. Once you submit your barcode label order you will receive the following below. Please note this is only an example of what is provided if you order labels, information on what is provided with ordering barcodes is not included on this frequently asked question.

Instantly you will receive an invoice upon receipt and a copy sent to your email.
After order submission and within 1-day during our regular Monday through Friday business hours our barcode label printing experts will process, print and ship your label roll order to you.
Our free US Shipping via USPS Priority Mail typically takes 2-5 business days for delivery.

Your label order will include:
Your selected roll custom printed with your barcode number on it.
Easily pull of a single label or put through a labeling machine and apply to your product.
You are now able to sell your product worldwide.

How to Get a UPC Code Product Information Form

A Product Information Form is simply a loosely used term for a form you fill out at the retailers describing your product details, company information, and correlating 12-digit UPC number. The retailer takes the information your have provided them with and enters it manually into their sales and inventory computer system. This is the “registration process”.

I need a barcode for my album and soundscan

We provide UPC Barcodes to the music industry professionals.

A barcode is the standard method of tracking digital and physical music sales. Nielson SoundScan reports your sales figures to the Billboard charts. So if you have dreams of topping the charts, the first thing you need is an official UPC barcode for your album or single, then go to Nielson Soundscan to register.

Visit our Order Barcodes Page to buy a barcode for your album.

I need custom printed barcode labels to stick on my product. Can Quality UPC help

Our Barcode Label Printing experts offer custom adhesive labels you can easily apply to any product. All custom labels are preprinted with a UPC Barcode on durable, long-lasting 100% thermal transfer paper and shipped out within 24-hours. We also provide free standard shipping on all U.S. barcode label orders. If you need professsional barcode printing service and simple barcode stickers you’ve come to the right place. Visit Order Labels for more information on how to buy barcode labels.

I need to contact customer service

If you have any further questions our UPC barcode specialists are available to speak with you 24-7 via email support@qualityupc.com or via live chat located in the right hand bottom corner of our website.

Is there a Universal Registration Process

Currently there is no universal barcode registration process. You must fill out a Product Information Form with each individual retailer to register you company and product with its associated UPC barcode.

Steps to Barcode your Product


Step 1: Barcode your Product through Quality UPC www.qualityupc.com by buying a barcode

Step 2: Buy labels to stick to your product through Quality UPC www.qualityupc.com/labels

Step 3: Once you receive your barcode labels in the mail simply place the barcode label on each product

Step 4: Contact your retailer and provide them with your product details

Step 5: Begin selling. Your sales & inventory will be tracked by your barcode.

*Barcodes are for general use products which include but are not limited to health food products, beauty products, electronics, games, CD, DVDs, records, music albums, Amazon general products, clothing shoes & jewelry, sports equipment, garden and more.



What is a UPC barcode

A Universal Product Code (UPC-A) is a specific type of 12-digit barcode which allows retailers to manage sales and inventory of a product. UPC codes are required for all general use products worldwide. To buy a UPC barcode for your product or products visit our Order Barcodes Page.

Why should I purchase through Quality UPC instead of going directly to GS1 (Uniform Code Council U.C.C.)

All UPC barcodes originate from the GS1 (formerly the Uniform Code Council or U.C.C.).
When purchasing directly through the GS1 you have to buy a minimum of 100 bar codes and the initial set up fee can be anywhere from $750 to $5000, with added annual renewal fees. Going directly through the GS1 is a large investment for companies emerging into the retail marketplace.

As our company purchased UPC barcodes in bulk from the GS1 in 1991, we are authorized to sell smaller set quantities to clients worldwide. Buying a barcode through Quality UPC alleviates barcoding initial investment fees and provides simple, cost effective options to vendors around the globe.

Will my barcode expire. Will I have to pay any other fees after the initial purchase

Never. When you buy a barcode the price is simply $29.99. There are no additional fees or expiration details.

Will my barcode work with any product

Yes, all retail products use the standard UPC system.

Will my UPC Barcode Work in Every Store

Our UPC barcodes are valid worldwide but, if you are selling with Walmart, Sam’s Club, Lowes, Home Depot, Kroger Family Grocery Stores, Macy Inc, Bloomingdales or Saks Fifth Ave you will need to go directly through their partnership company GS1 to purchase a barcode membership program. Visit GS1.org for more information.

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